Empower your pet care with evidence-based advice.

Daily Wellbeing Assessments

Utilize our daily wellbeing assessments to recognize early signs your pet is suffering and monitor daily care tips for elderly pets. This approach is inspired by the veterinary-endorsed Quality of Life Scale.

Trend Charts

View charts displaying trends in your pet’s quality of life, helping you to monitor a sick pet's health and observe any pet end-of-life symptoms.

Exportable Quality of Life Reports

Easily export detailed reports of your pet's quality of life assessments to share with your veterinarian.

More Than an App: Your Companion in Pet Care

Ralph stands as a beacon of support, guiding pet owners through the complexities of pet care with love and quality of life at its core. As a supportive friend, guide, and source of comfort, Ralph ensures you and your pet are never alone on this journey.

Enhanced Understanding of Pet's Health

Gain deeper insights into your pet's health trends, enabling better care, especially if you are supporting a pet with chronic illness.

Never Forget an Assessment

Regular reminders help you stay on top of your pet's health assessments, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Improved Vet Communication

Share detailed health reports with your vet, facilitating better-informed consultations and care plans.

Informed Pet Care

Receive actionable tips based on your pet's specific health challenges, empowering you to take proactive steps in their care.

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    What Information Do We Collect?

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